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About the Data Sources and When Measurement Data are Posted

The air monitoring data available through this website have been provided by the contractor responsible for operating and maintaining the air monitoring station where the measurements were made. Each contractor is responsible for reviewing and assuring data quality prior to submitting it for use by this website and the public. No data are posted to this website before they are quality assured. The time required for quality assuring the data varies and affects when data are ready for posting. It depends on the number of chemical compounds measurements being checked and the calibration steps that must be reviewed for each measurement. For all but the auto GC data (46 compounds) and the 6th Day Canister Data, the quality assured data are posted on Friday for all measurements made through the previous Friday. Auto GC data are posted within 90 days of the end of the month. Canister data are posted within 30 days of the end of the month. The air monitoring contractors are listed below by station name.

Air Monitoring Station Contractor
Gregory - Fresnos The University of Texas & Orsat
Portland - Buddy Ganem AECOM
Portland - Broadway AECOM

In posting, making available and storing these data, The University of Texas does not alter the measurement data provided by the contractor in any way. Should you have questions or concerns about the data, please contact David W. Sullivan, Website Data Analyst.

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Aerial View of Air Monitoring Stations: Portland-Buddy Ganem at Gregory Portland High School, Portland-Broadway at East Cliff Elementary School, and Gregory-Fresnos at Stephen F. Austin Elementary School
Map of Air Monitoring Stations: Gregory Portland High School, East Cliff Elementary School, and Stephen F. Austin Elementary School
Legend: The Gregory Fresnos air monitoring station is located at Stephen F. Austin Elementary School and the Portland stations are located at Gregory Portland High School and East Cliff Elementary School

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